Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - trusting the hold up, the re-visions, the re-thinking, the looks backward, check yourself before you wreck yourself


The Moon moves through packed Aquarius now. We haven't seen this many planetary bodies in Aquarius since 1962. She meets Saturn at 7:41AM EST, squares Uranus at 8:41AM EST, meets Venus at 5:10PM EST and meets Jupiter at 6:28PM EST.  Wow!!


This is the day Mercury is going to trine the North Node then square Mars. Mercury is retrograde and the North Node is our best path forward, so we can see the re-vision, re-view, re-think (even delay/stoplight) we are having is a needed part of the process. She/he will be back here in March direct and by then we will know what we are doing because we will be doing it. 

The tricky part is Mercury's square (tension, frustration) with Mars. We talked about this yesterday and in the weekly HERE


"Here is an old argument/obstacle/tension. This is a repeating aspect from January 8th. We might have to fight for what we think/have/need. Mars is in Taurus, busy trying to hold onto what he (as we) has - working toward stability. Our actions are geared toward our sustenance/survival/slow and steady growth/what is comforting. Maybe Mercury is coming in with these far-out ideas ahead of her time and Mars is like, hold on a minute - do we have the existing resources/self-esteem for this? What would I have to change? This is a fixed square, so no one wants to budge. With Mercury in Aquarius this can also be a surprising realization/news that upsets our hard-earned stability."


Maybe we don't have enough information/or the right thinking about something to proceed. We know from the trine these delays/looks backward are necessary, so there is no point beating our head against the wall over that part of it. If we are feeling antsy/impulsive we can give Mars in Taurus something to do - he (as we) is very useful here/can do the sustaining thing. With all this airy Aquarius, we are lucky to have our hands in the dirt - or mud as it might be. Keep in mind the North Node is in Gemini (answering to that retrograde Mercury) - it's a time to talk, ask questions, look around, yes ... again. Mercury will be direct on February 20th and then we'll be moving forward and by mid-March covering new ground.


The fact that this major stellium in Aqua is happening while she is retrograde tells us this retrograde/backward thinking is VERY IMPORTANT. We can't move forward without it. We won't line up with what we need to line up with. Check facts. Ask questions. Know words can be challenging. We might feel pushed or pushy. 


The first of 2021's Saturn/Uranus squares is happening next week. Aquarius/Taurus, just like today's Mercury/Mars. When Saturn gets added to the mix (and he's already in here) we get results/reality checks - so the results of any rebelliousness/disorder, Aquarius detachment. Or maybe he brings us the results of our innovative thinking/elbow grease/group goals - this can be the "futury-thing" this week's challenges are building if we work things well. Do robots have muscles? Maybe they do.

For today, maybe some old information/person from the past/need to re-think, SOMETHING, seems to be holding us up. Trust the hold up. Keep a cool head because Mars in Taurus is frustrated enough.

The Moon is dark/balsamic. Get enough rest. All these energies squaring Mars (our action, passion, initiative) can make us less motivated. We'll rehash all this more thoroughly in the New Moon post tonight.


xo all 


photo by the talented TrixyPixie

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