Today's astrology Forecast for Creatives | Thursday, February 25, 2021 - energized by our imagination and intuition, making the dream real, gentle change



The Moon in Leo (girls just wanna have fun!) finishes up her oppositions with this month's Aquarius stellium - opposing Mercury at 4:45AM EST and then Jupiter at 11:40AM EST. We can enjoy the fun-loving and creative Leo Moon, but our responsibilities to the collective/group and to the future that beckons/pulls us forward won't be pushed aside.

There are two BIG astro events today - Venus makes her move into Pisces - the sign of her EXALTATION (early AM EST) and our Pisces Sun sextiles (opportunity) chaotic Uranus in Taurus. 

We talked at length about Venus in Pisces HERE

The Sun's sextile to Uranus is hot off the back of yesterday's exact and potent Mars/Pluto trine. What cosmic magic is this?! And I very much love any positive aspect between something in Pisces - and the Sun is a pretty big and powerful SOMETHING - and an earth sign. Making the dream real. Magic makes its way down to earth and lands at our feet. With Uranus answering to benefic Venus, freshly minted in the sign of her exaltation, and with a waxing Moon in Leo, this aspect is even better. 


Keep in mind Uranus is about change/the future/being ourselves (the chaos is really us not wanting to change/let go and letting go is kind of Pisces deal - she can help with this). Pisces is about going with the flow - we can't force whatever this is. We just want to be doing our Pisces - using our intuition, compassion, connection, imagination, creativity, meditation, prayer, forgiving/giving (plus our Pisces natal house theme). 


A soft light is thrown on our future. We can more easily let go of what is leaving. If our hands need to be freed up for something else they are needing to hold onto later, here is where the release can be more gentle. It slides right out of our hands.


With Uranus in Taurus (our money, resources, values, self-esteem, plus our Taurus natal house theme) interacting with the softness of Piscean water - change is good/easy. We can do this. An opportunity in earth likely requires some kind of movement on our part (and Pisces some openness) - and BOOM we have Mars (action) in Taurus, too (practical action), plus he is interacting with powerful Pluto, to handle this part. 


Action/initiative/passion is empowering. 


Keep in mind water (Pisces) and earth (Taurus) can make bricks but also mudslides. Pisces is the slippery slope, your mother (and accountant and astrologer) warned you about. Spending $10 turns into $100. One sip into the whole bottle. A kiss into a fast trip to Vegas (although I guess this isn't happening so much anymore). 


We can lay down for ten minutes and wake up five hours later. Creativity flourishes - we don't want to sleep our way through this one. 


Unless you are very, very tired and sometimes we are and in this case, and if you do, remember your DREAMS, write them down, because your muses/angels will find/need some way to reach you!

xo all

painting by the talented Ken Hamilton

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