Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, February 22, 2021 - feeling all the feels and going with the flow today


The Moon is comfy/cozy in her home sign of Cancer now. We are nurtured through things that are most conventionally nurturing - home, family, safety, comfort. Mom and apple pie. The next couple days, while the Moon is in Cancer, we might find ourselves a little more emotional/moody as we take stock of our feelings. We might feel a bit nostalgic/more conservatively inclined. 


(with all the significators for the virus interacting with the United States natal chart this week, it is no surprise the United States, a Cancer country, is reaching - feels/notices/absorbs - an emotional milestone now)


Lunar people (born at night, strong Moon, strong Cancer, etc), who might be more attuned to viewing through the lunar lens, due to the Moon's position in their birth chart - can focus on the cyclical/changeable nature of reality and this might seem the dominant characteristic of life. Security, natural cycles, the warmth of another human being's touch, food and a safe space can be more important than any abstract quest for meaning (a more solar life) because life truly must be coped with day-to-day. Lunar people are especially gifted at keeping their feet on the ground and dealing with changing events and people in a sensible and compassionate manner. Taken to an extreme, or overly stressed, we can sometimes get stuck 'in our Moon' and it is harder for us to look beyond our personal/or immediate circumstances.


As we move toward a Full Moon moment (like we are this week)/things coming to a fruition, we can be assured there is a past/a system of cycles that led us to this moment. There was a hidden beginning (the New Moon) when the seed was planted under the dark skies. There were times of development/challenges as she waxed (grew). And we can know there is a future (where rot sets in and she wanes) past the Full Moon where something reaches its inevitable end. The Moon in our chart, and her placement, house of rulership, aspects, etc - speaks of our past lives, our maternal heritage, our emotional temperature. 

Today, the Moon trines the Pisces Sun (trines are smooth flows and happen between signs of the same element) at 6:46AM EST. 


Cancer/Pisces is an easy flow of emotions/sentiment, but things can get pretty wet. The family is integrated into the larger whole. Our lens widens. Compassion/intuition the final ingredients in our two-week New Moon in Aquarius story-line. 


The Moon moves on this afternoon to square Chiron (ouch) and sextile (opportunity) Uranus. Keep in mind, that painful square to Chiron (in Aries) is part of the process. Let's welcome it. Maybe let's think - "oh my, that hurt, so why does that hurt?". The Moon in Cancer (symbolized by the sea crab) can like her protective shell (she carries her home with her remember), sometimes a little too much. 

Today's final lunar aspect is a productive sextile to Uranus in Taurus (1:08PM EST) and speaks of opportunities through change/the new. Something unexpected. The Moon is waxing. We are growing/moving forward. 


Repeat after me - I can change. I can change. I can change. 

xo all

painting by the talented Rick Beerhorst

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