Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, May 8th, 2020 - practical action, confidence is healing, small decisions, multiple answers, daddy packs his bags

The Moon is in big-picture Sagittarius now (3:15AM EDT) and answering to a very slow Jupiter, ruler of the South Node now, very uncomfortable in Capricorn and preparing for his station next week. Venus is very slow and preparing to station, too, and so is SATURN. So, three planets will join Pluto and station retrograde starting on Sunday.

In the meantime, the Moon will sextile Saturn (1 degree at 6:26AM EDT) then move on to square Ceres (4 degrees) and trine Chiron (7 degrees). The sextile to sober Saturn keeps our "head in the clouds" Sag feet on the ground. Practical and optimistic energy. The need to not take anything too far, but at the same time the need to take it somewhere! The square to Ceres could bring up some tension/challenges later on with things "outside our control" or maybe some mothering/smothering issues. And then, finally, the confident Sag Moon will trine hurting/healing Chiron - we step up/we stand up - we feel better. Moon/Chiron can make us more sensitive, maybe overly reactive - something to keep in mind.

We are all kind of in this pressure cooker/cosmic science experiment anyway, right?

As Saturn stations retrograde on Sunday - and keep in mind all three planets that will retrograde next week are at the degree of their station already - what happens for us personally depends on our natal chart and our relationship with Saturn. If we have planets/points between 22 degrees Capricorn and 1 degree Aquarius (and maybe we can add a couple degrees on either side of this) we will feel his retrograde strongest. This can also apply to planets/points in the other fixed to cardinal signs as he squares and opposes them. If we were born with Saturn retrograde, and so the need to face up to certain responsibilities in this lifetime we have previously avoided, we will feel his retrogrades more intensely, too.

For everyone else and for all of us collectively Saturn's station will either:

1. ease restrictions/limits/traditions (daddy on vacation

or 2. create delays/pull back support (again, daddy's on vacation). It just depends on which kind of "daddy" we have via our natal chart! 

Saturn retrogrades give us a second chance to get it right. 
He will station direct at the end of September and it's report card time.

In the meantime, watch for over-confidence/delusion that creates avoidance. 

We want to use that Saturn sextile today to take practical action. 

Keep in mind always now the North Node in Gemini - keep your mind open, our stories/the facts are changing, there will be MANY small answers not one big answer, small will be bigger than big.

Small decisions are easier (and faster) to make anyway, and we have to start where we are, which is obvious because the concrete feels pretty thick. So, focus.

I keep thinking about that scene in the 80's Chevy Chase film "Funny Farm" where the moving guys are asking the locals for directions and the local guy, sitting on his porch and chewing on a piece of barley (as I remember it) says "well, I wouldn't start from here", and the moving guy says "well, supposen' you had to". That's where we stand with something. That's the thing that needs to move. It doesn't need to move from New York to Cleveland, but maybe it does need to get over the Brooklyn Bridge. Which might also be what someone is trying to sell you now, so stay frosty/alert.

We have less than 72 hours before the dominoes start to tumble backward - what do you want to do with these hours?

We are going to get much more busy. The busy is coming. Even if we don't get very far with all the retrogrades, the busy won't be stopped. But, maybe stop looking for a way out because we are all going further in.

xo all 

photo by the talented Njurur


Debby said...

by further in do you mean quarantines extended?

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Debby - No, but the trajectory of them could shift. The retros will take us within ... make some things more of an inside job as we go back and forth over some situations for a few weeks/months.